I-Joist Plant

Plant design and project coordination of multiple companies in a collaborative project.

Plant Dismantle

Machinery dismantling, refurbishing, truck shipping, containerizing for shipment, and shipping logistics for international shipments.



I-Joist Plant

Initial consulting that led to plant redesign, used machinery procurement, dismantling, refurbishing, containerizing, international shipping, control design and install, and project management.



Log Merchandising Whole-Log Chipping Plant

Plant Design, control design, project management, used equipment procurement, dismantling, transportation logistics, refurbishing, installation, electrical contracts, and permitting.


Scragg Mill

Plant layout, control design, installation, building design and permits, and footing and slab design and requirements.


I-Joist Plant

Design and install of additional saw line with trimmer and packing. Used equipment procurement, refurbishing, updated controls, new machine fabrication.



Scarfer Line

New line development with the procurement of used machinery, refurbishment, updated controls, and installation.


Transportation and installation of a boiler into an existing plant